• Wilson 4d ago

      Are there any Left wing lunatics on truth social? If you are surfing this site l would like to tell you that you people are disgusting and you don't have any idea how insulting you are to the military heroes who lost their life and their limbs to protect you. You shit on our constitution and wipe your ass with the bill of rights. You honor criminals and sexual freaks, you celebrate killing unborn babies and lie not only to yourselves but to everyone else, you get the support of the mainstream media and through them you have your lies put out to all . This will soon stop your politicians will be voted out and you will become nothing but a bad memory so enjoy yourself now your way will end one way or another. You are so easy to read and all your lies will come with a grave price.I am sure many people feel the same way and you can't sensor us ALL!!!

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    • Filly19 6d ago

      the closer we get to the midterms the bigger the

      lies, cheating and stealing will become.

      true democratic fashion.

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    • Hector 6d ago

      Not a peep from democratic press!

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