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  • As u know we R going through another Voting Session;

    of "who's RIGHT, & who's WRONG. If it's anything like these

    past elections hopefully people learned from came out of

    it. Those of people who lost there businesses, due to "RIOTS",

    or just plain "LOOTERS"; or if it was from this so-called

    "PANDEMIC". It's sorta ODD how; some take it as it never

    existed. 🤨 Something has to be done to change this mess;

    this NEW ADMINISTRATION, been in power for 2 years already... Can't tell me that anybody wants them to be in

    for the rest. Can anyone really see, or hear them do the TOTAL FOUR (4), to EIGHT(8) years.

    Also, can't forget the "FEAR, HATE; & LIES that were


    What about the .... Depending

    on who ya listen too, & the opinions that were gathered;

    GOOD, or BAD hopefully the RIGHT CHOICE WILL

    be made.
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