• Let me tell u a tale; that base in FACTS... The origins of how

    the "Owrith" came to be. It begun normally, as the

    "Slagowrith". A Guardian Spirit that has watched over me for

    a period of time. Numerous of incidents have occurred in

    my life... To much to odium, as an epithet to explain. Of this

    inner demon of which I can control... GOOD, nor EVIL. I have

    SURPASSED ALL; that thought I would FAIL. My goals have all

    been accomplished to that I don't NEED, or WANT much...

    BUT, too live a NORMAL LIFE.
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  • U know.... When is it that we could say ENOUGH

    is ENOUGH?! There's these ("MEDIA")~corporations; such

    as CNN, & MSNBC; as they have most of cast either leave,

    or get laid off; but the "NEW CAST TALENTS", coming in...

    HOLY ©®@¶..!!! There's this somewhat, new... 🤔 I

    guess, host on "MSNBC" name ( "the Katie Phang show " ).

    The stuff that she reports, is just "MIND~NUMBING

    STUPID". Such as some opinionated stories about, QANON; or the wife of Clearance Thomas, "Virginia Thomas"; & there

    connection to the ("J/6") case.

    🤨 I mean... These {MEDIA}, corporations have

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, else to report on; but to just

    spread LIES, FEAR; & HATRED. It's been like this, for

    almost nearly over 6yrs. 😒 Something has to be done...

    Our country can't withstand this much pressure.

    ~Owrith Cyn 💀🌟✨💫
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  • As u know we R going through another Voting Session;

    of "who's RIGHT, & who's WRONG. If it's anything like these

    past elections hopefully people learned from came out of

    it. Those of people who lost there businesses, due to "RIOTS",

    or just plain "LOOTERS"; or if it was from this so-called

    "PANDEMIC". It's sorta ODD how; some take it as it never

    existed. 🤨 Something has to be done to change this mess;

    this NEW ADMINISTRATION, been in power for 2 years already... Can't tell me that anybody wants them to be in

    for the rest. Can anyone really see, or hear them do the TOTAL FOUR (4), to EIGHT(8) years.

    Also, can't forget the "FEAR, HATE; & LIES that were


    What about the .... Depending

    on who ya listen too, & the opinions that were gathered;

    GOOD, or BAD hopefully the RIGHT CHOICE WILL

    be made.
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  • Did u hear that we may finally be done away w/ this

    "PANDEMIC"... ?! Ur seeing fewer people either, talking

    about it, or even seeing them wearing masks. Unless;

    it's dealing w/ the Medical Field. At least were NOT dealing

    w/ the covering of the face in the "most secure" places,

    like banks; & other "HIGHLY POPULATED" places.

    It seems now we're somewhat "coming out of this

    SHELTERED life", & living more freely as b4.
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  • It's just disgusting, pity... Can't even put into straight

    context to make proper knowledge of self-discipline. Of

    either "one's HISTORY, or one's PERSONAL preference". They

    gotta force it upon each; & everyone or lose a pacific title that

    they had desired.

    ~ Owrith Cyn 💀
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  • U know... Just take a moment, & think. 😔

    It's been 21yrs.; this September 11th; as we reflect back

    what happened. 😒

    🤔 What have we BECOME... These, past 2yrs.;

    could u say that WE LEARNED ANYTHING?! 🤨

    Even if we R a ""Free Nation of RIGHTS"", it had

    deteriorated badly. As WE Live under the LAWS of LIBERTY;

    & the CONSTITUTION in which it bares; BUT to some of it

    had FAILED us in WAYS that could be EXPLAINED by

    OTHERS OPINION on that matters.

    ~Owrith Cyn 💀✨💫🌟
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  • 🤔 There's not really much too ADD HERE; but

    to JUST, add an EXAMPLE: to those who may NOT TRUELY;

    understand what this MEANS... 🤨

    Let's use what we've been through, during

    "this PANDEMIC".... Some lost there JOBS, most

    BUSINESSES were going down; & out. As; the "CURRENT

    ADMINISTRATION, had tried over; & over to DESTROY the

    past ADMINISTRATION; but FAILED as they used the

    [ Media's }~ "LIES" to feed it's consumers w/


    If u remembered when THIS ADMINISTRATION

    arrived they "PROMISED", the first (1st) 💯 days; BUT

    NEVER HAPPENED!!! The constant "MASK wearing, &

    numerous SHOTS.

    Even now.... 😒 U have seniors, still in FEAR of

    anything that is going on. 😕 Is that what THIS COUNTRY

    is becoming to be THREATENED by OUR OWN


    That's something to think about... 🤔

    When it comes to living on towards this FUTURE WE

    HOLD SO PRECIOUS.... R we REALLY gonna let this

    cont.; as "the NEW NORMAL"!??!

    ~ Owrith Cyn
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  • 🤔 It's funny don't u think.... We all think that we R

    SuperHumans... U know. 🤨

    BUT; it HITS w/o NOTICED that everyone is variable to

    a weakness. ONE may be CLAIMED INVINCIBLE; & never

    die; but NO ONE is TRULY a GOD; or DEVIL; but a SPIRITUAL

    BEING living as a HOST.

    In the beginning we were all told to say

    "NO"; to any "BAD, or EVIL", substance that may influence

    the "MIND and/or BODY", but that (all changed when this

    Administration arrived.) It's just odd that there's some out

    there that find this NOT SERIOUS; & take it as a JOKE. To

    some this has killed many either in ways of "SUICIDE, or

    HOMICIDE"; in most cases; & in BASE FACTS as LISTED.

    ~Owrith Cyn 🌟💫✨💀
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  • NOICE!!!

    Not much to say about this... My brother Eminem;

    said enough!!! Just "quote his lyrics", & take them

    w/ u. It's worth guardianship.
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  • 🤢 I was reading this... Not sure "Y", but I sorta pictured

    this... humm..

    ( ☢️⚠️☣️Fair WARNING, ya should do SIGNS of

    CAUTIOUS next time!!! ☣️⚠️☢️ )

    "To the readers of this POST... Please be ADVISE

    DON'T PICTURE any of the sortments of Political Parties

    in any ACTIVITY. It could MENTALLY DISTURB ur

    CORTEX of thoughts...

    Thank u very much too my FAN's

    re-edit to ~ Filly19

    Much 💕 ~ Owrith Cyn
    • Filly19 14d ago

      Hillary looks like she was rode hard put away wet

      she is well do for an upgrade.

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  • Do ever have that feeling that ur so LOST, that

    u feel TRAPPED?! Not knowing; of what to do, but ur so torn

    that u CAN'T ACCEPT HELP; u might feel UNLESS, CHEAP,

    DIRTY; or just so WEAK... That ya "can't do anything" about


    U know; that we're not... It just PLAYS IN UR Mind, as if

    ur a "FAILURE"; but I know that u R NOT!!! Just look at ALL

    WAS DONE BY u... "Never RUN on FALSE HOPE", it could

    lead in down a DARK-PATH... Maybe SUICIDE.

    That's "y", some have this "GUARDIAN SPIRIT"; that

    watches over them.

    🌟✨💫 ~ Owrith Cyn 💀
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  • 🤭 Hot damn... Ya know this is just way too easy;

    u know. Kinda want to feel sorry for Joe Biden, BUT it's

    just that this guy been in OFFICE to LONG. Him, & this

    Administration.. 🤨 They just been in there way, way, way, way; too long. 😒 Like; most have been saying; "There should

    be set term, & age limits."

    BOTH PARTIES have there FLAWS; & needs to

    make CHANGES!!!

    Who ever the leader is, that GOVERN BODY SHOULD



    SUPER POWER that others looked towards for when it came

    to "FAIR TRADES, GOODS; & SERVICES"; but it all went

    DOWNHILL quick since this Administration took over.

    NOT SURE; for FACT if we R actually far WORST than

    what we were during President Carter; but from what was

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  • Geez... What now... We work five(5), or six(6) days a

    week... Right!! Maybe; doing $8.; - $15.; - or even $25...

    Maybe even greater.

    There's times where I get along, & u don't along

    w/ ur co-workers. As u know, when they have those office

    parties, or they may do little celebration; as a "GOOD SELL"

    went by, & then they also have ways on how they deal

    when a "SELL goes BAD, or SOUR".

    Now there's MOMENTS in TIME where people have

    to deal w/ TWO, or more JOBS. If u have a FAMILY, or

    LIVING ALONE... There may of been that time where

    u were straining w/ the clothes on ur back. So; this

    Administration has the GALL to threaten the public

    by hiring more IRS workers to come collect on those

    who worked hard for it support their family.
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  • Oh dear... Oh.. Dear.. oooff.. i-I shouldn't of drank all

    that tea... o-Oh dear... I gotta pee-pee Mommy. oooff..

    gee.. Wheelker, there's so many steps!!! oooff.. How

    come we we don't drive... Damnit!!! There's no "OLD MAN

    TOILET'S" near by. At these GOSH DARN speeches!!!
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  • Hello all ya crazy bystanders... What... Did that offend

    some people?! Sorry to say, but the TRUTH HURTS; U know.

    Do u ever notice those tiny little spilkles in the air. Some

    say it could be fairies... Only "in DREAMS" they say.. Right.

    It's odd, but very, very, TRUE... U can even LOOK

    IT UP!!! Just between President Obama, & President Biden..

    Combined. ( When it comes to Illegals Immigrants, the

    mis-use of DRUGS; or any other negartics. CARELESSNESS

    of these people who "BLIND-WHEELDING"; w/ any fire

    armed gun... go Killing people for; NOT ONE SENSE of

    REASON. Who only do this to try to BANIASH, the

    2nd Amendment. )

    Next it's just the "PANDEMIC"...

    ("COVID-19, & this Monkey Pox" ). It was NOTHING, but

    a "tool, or prop"... Organize, by the LEFT; & Produced

    OVERSEAS as a "BIOWEAPON". Most people may NOT

    want to BELIEVE it; & take it as NOTHING but it being


    💫✨ Owritn Cyn 💀
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  • p-Please people... I can't answer anything at this very

    moment, but I know u have many "QUESTIONS". That needs

    to be questioned. hummm... { Oh my.. Just look at all these hands.. They all got questions!? I got nothing...

    Maybe that coffee, & bran muffin was a bad idea. }
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  • U heard this thing about Joe Biden... Yes; the guy who

    actually thinks that he could LEAD A COUNTRY WHILE

    DROWNING in a POOL full of CHLORINE!!! 🙄 Yes... DEAR,

    GOD, y have thee PUNISHED US!!! This President actually

    side that he's gonna have the CURE FOR CANCER!!!! 🥺 R u

    F#€K|π¶ serious!!! I hope NOBODY IS GONNA FALL FOR

    THIS BULLS#IT!!! I know that I was Naive DURING President

    Obama, but I just DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I KNOW NOW!!! But;

    that's INSULT or SLAP IN the FACE to any who may be

    SUFFERING; CAUSE that's JUST WRONG!!! U know that



    Owrith cyn 💀
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  • Don't u know.... How they say; "don't trend on me"?!

    We as people who drew the "BLOOD", to "LIVE FREE"; &

    "FIGHT" for all to have "RIGHTS".

    We have these leaders who r in office, or trying to get

    into office that MAY NEED A MAJOR OVERHAUL; or check

    on what has been set through the "CONSTITUTIONAL


    Some to even Most, take "our ways of LIBERTY",

    & TRASH it. As if we're "LOW LIFE SCUM; or just PLAIN

    DUMB. Just who do they think they R...

    ~ Owrith Cyn 💀
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  • Hi all... humm... What can I say.. I'm not a "BAD GIRL"; but

    but y does it feel that THIS GOVERNMENT WANTS to

    take my RIGHTS, AWAY... My FREEDOM!!!

    Now they want to take my POW POWS; & my SLISH,

    SLASH, & SLUSH away. It's my babies... My toys.

    The Administration DUMMIES... Don't get it.

    "It's NOT the WEAPON that makes the person... It's the

    PERSON; that makes the weapon.

    ~ Owrith Cyn💀
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  • U know for many years now... "We've had RIGHTS, &


    have it anymore, but it's being TARNISHED from the LEFT!!!

    From such things, as the 2ND Amendment..

    Ur RIGHTS to bare ARMS. To the RIGHTS that all people;

    have, or had FOUGHT FOR!!! Women's RIGHTS, & what

    they've done to get where they R at TODAY... Is being

    provoke by ("TRANSEXUAL MEANS"). Such incidents for

    "EXAMPLE": would be when it comes to the restrooms, &

    the "PRIVACY CLAUSE". Let's NOT FORGET what the

    "COLOR, or BROWN or whatever go through... Even After;

    Martian Luther King, & his "SPEECH of everyone coming

    together. Also; don't forget what the KIDS; r going through

    since this ADMINISTRATION arrived.

    The LEFT is just; so desperate, and/or scared....

    since a "non- Politician, from Businessman";

    ENTERED the scene.
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