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  • From Scott Mckay
    NEW MEXICO just recommended that ALL schools stop masks. 338,200 Children LIBERATED !!
    NEVADA made masks optional. 493,000 Children LIBERATED !!
    VIRGINIA made it illegal for any school district to enforce masks now and forever. 1,265,419 Children LIBERATED !!
    NORTH CAROLINA passed a bill to STOP all mask mandates throughout all schools. 1,431,121 Children LIBERATED !!
    ILLINOIS just made masks optional for the entire state and districts were told that they were breaking the law by enforcing them!! 2,072,880 Children LIBERATED !!
    That’s 5,600,640 Children LIBERATED !!
    Guys we need to share this information everywhere! Create memes, share on social media, share with influencers, we need to get the word out! They are on the run; they will retreat!!!!!
    Over 600 Parents will be serving their School Districts in the next two weeks! They each have 10 people Signing their Letter of Intent along with them. They are each Serving Five different Board Members. DO THE MATH!!!!!!
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